Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's The Day.

"When GOD made you HE was having a good day! because you are so special , so kindhearted , that it's difficult to tell in words ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY."

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and my beloved sister,NURUL AQMA MOHD KAMIL.DAMN!I'm old!Please change your bad attitude.Listen to your mother.Think of what she been through for you and for her family!!REMEMBER THAT!


  1. Sayangku! thank u so much. Happy Birthday to you too laaa! hihihi
    ecehhh tgk movie, makan ikan celup tepung bagai dgn encek boyfie :P ngeeee

    p.s Kakngah xm lg esok. xleh celeb bday pon :( huhu. tp xpe. Kakcik doakan for me jgk tau.

  2. welcome mok ngoh.muah2.insya' u can do it yunk!just believe in yourself. :)