Monday, May 3, 2010

Sleep Disorder.


I can't sleep.What THE HELL is wrong with me?I heard something from downstairs,but when I see there's nothing.Just my parents sleeping."Apakah mereka??Kenapakah??"HMMM.Don't know why they "buat" to sleep downstairs.LANTAKLA.But SERIOUSLY,I CAN'T SLEEP!!psffttt!Felt somethings wrong.Feel like "presents".HMM.Yeah,laugh you want.IT'S TRUE!Everytime I try to sleep and everytimela I open my eyes.DAMN!

Don't know when I fall a sleep.FINALLY.But it's just for a while until my ayah knock the door and tell that he need to go to Kota Bahru now.WHY NOW??Not until morning??HMM.

And now after solat subuh still can't sleep. Duhhh!